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4 steps to import products from China Including documents that must be prepared for customs clearance

4 steps to import products from China Including documents that must be prepared for customs clearance

Nowadays, imports from China have become increasingly popular because of the internet and social media, which makes it easy for us to order products online. For the merchants or anyone who wants to import large amount of goods from China. Using the Shipping service creates such convenience for both customers and the shipping company.
What are the steps for importing goods?
Why using Shipping company is more convenient?
In today's article, we will introduce you to understand the process of importing products from China, including importing documents needed in our procedures.

Steps to import products from China When the products that we have ordered for importation arrived in Thailand or port at Thailand. The importers must contact the airline or shipping carrier to pay the destination cost. Changing the bill of lading into a product release note. Then go through customs clearance before withdrawing goods. This process the importers can do by ourselves or through Shipping agent, however, if the importers order products through Shipping in the first place, the shipping agent will handle all steps for us.

1. Submitting documents of import declaration information
Must fill in the following information
• Vessel information
• Bill of lading
• All product lists
• Packing details account
• Other documents such as documents for the carrier or the insurers.
• Import licenses or other documents as required by law. From then, these data will be sent to the customs as required by law.

2. Submitting the import declaration to the officer for inspection
Once the customs have received the information, they will check the basic information on our import declaration. If there is a mistake, the information must be corrected and be completed. From then, when all the information is correct, customs will issue a bill of lading to importers.

3. Officer checking product information and tax details.
In this process, the staff will check the product details and divide into 2 types which are:
• Green Line import declaration. This type of goods can use bill of lading to pay duty and place related insurance immediately.
• Red line import declaration. This type of import declaration must first contact your import duty assessment department in order to become a Green Line imports.
After that, taxation can be done via 3 convenient ways: through the Customs Department, via electronic systems and through bank channels
4. Staff inspect and release products
After submitting the import declaration and receipt, we will pay tax at the warehouse. Staff will check the product information for accuracy again. After that, the product will be released to the importer's location.

Important documents that must be prepared for importing products
Important documents that must be prepared for importing products
1. A copy of Import declaration
2. Detailed form of import declaration information
3. A copy of the bill of lading
4. Copy of product price account
5. Packing details account (if any)
6. Statement of insurance premiums (if any)
7. A permit for import control (if any)
8. Certificate of origin (In the case of requesting a duty reduction)
9. Other necessary documents

The process of importing goods through customs clearance may seem complicated. It will save time and much more convenient if we use Shipping service, because there is no need to prepare yourself, as well as no need to travel to proceed on your own.

For today's article, we hope that merchants importers buyers and anyone interested in importing products from China will have more understanding about the process of importing and customs clearance. So you can plan and allow for easier importing time periods.

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